Nerds of the rock: Is JavaScript your cup of tea or, in climbers terms, your shape of climbing shoe?

We will explain some of the basic terms of JavaScript, so you can understand what it is about and be informed once you embark on a long climb to the top of an exciting profession called web developer.

Day at the crag: Chicken, paprika and rice

Full of proteins, nutrients, and the best carbs you can get while climbing, this lunch will make you climb harder and avoid that sugar drop we all try to avoid that makes us sleepy in the afternoon in the middle of climbing our project.

Daredevils business: Climbing travel tips and tricks

Climbing is an adventure, and a big part of it is traveling. Here are some tips to make your trips safe and fun. Destination Before we jump to packing, the first thing we need to decide is the destination. Yosemite is excellent, but a lot of us will want to try new, unexplored places, orContinue reading “Daredevils business: Climbing travel tips and tricks”

What’s in my climbing bag

I’m a sport climber. My country is the planet Earth. As much as I like crags I’ve visited so far, there is soo many beautiful places to visit. And my climbing bag is always with me! Sport Climbing Gear Quickdraws (10x) Rope (Petzl 9.8mm 60m Dynamic Rope) ATC Belay Device* Harness Multi-Anchor Chain Clipping Stick Continue reading “What’s in my climbing bag”