New generation portable hangboard

Our friends from Zemo Woodcraft started making some cool handmade wood climbing training equipment, and I wanted to make a post about one of their products since I think it’s the best product of this kind on the market.

Take a look at this portable hangboard. I own one of these, and it is absolutely the best product of this kind I could find. It is very light and has everything a climber needs on the rock to warm up and get ready for the hard climb.

The upper edge is rounded and very comfortable for initial hanging or pullups. Most of the climbing hangboards are square-shaped and therefore easier to make. If you try doing pullups on those, soon it gets uncomfortable, and could easily give you some unnecessary blisters. This rounded bar delivers the best shape, and it will take care of your fingers.

There are two more edges on this hangboard, 25mm and 16mm. These are some standard edges, and you will not need anything smaller or the rock to warm up before climbing. It would be nearly impossible to hang on those anyway since everything is shaking and moving on portable fingerboards.

What I specially like about this product is really quality one-piece wood and two grooves in wood that hold positions of the rope still while hanging. There is also one other small detail that sets aside this hangboard from the others. It has two positions for the tilt of the edges. One will make the edges easier to hold since the tilt will capture the fingerboard a bit up. The other will make it harder by making edges horizontal or even tilted lower.

Altogether, this portable hangboard is lighter and more compact than others. It will easily fit into any climbers bag, but at the same time, it has all the necessary features to help you get the best of your climbing.

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