Rodellar part one: Step to the unknown

These days, it’s hard to imagine traveling like we use to travel. The annoying virus is still here, so I decided to go down the memory lane and write about my last year’s climbing trip to Rodellar. I would recommend this climbing area for the strongest climbers and solo travelers. The great atmosphere and mind-blowing overhang routes still make me dream about going back to those magical Spanish mountains.

It was a year ago, and I just gave one month’s notice on my tedious software development job. I’ve decided it’s time to travel and had no time to make plans with other people. Also, even though I was traveling alone for business a lot of times, I’ve never been before alone on a climbing road trip. It was something I was dreaming about for a while, and there was no better time than worm October just the day after I became free from the strings of corporative engagements.

Even though I wanted to travel alone, I still needed a climbing buddy or two. So I started doing some research about the best places to climb and meet people on the spot. It turned out to be hard to arrange meeting climbers that will be in the area before you get there. Luckily, my destination could have been any place on Earth. Also, I wanted to be in some non-expensive accommodation that will allow me to meet people and hang out. While browsing online, I found an ad from a guy that is looking for a climbing buddy in Rodellar. The date matched with my traveling date and, I must say, I had a good feeling about this person. I also found the right place to stay – Kalandraka camp. Research about Rodellar left me breathtaking. I found a fairytale place in the mountains of Spain, not so popular, but also a pro-climbers spot without a doubt.

Non-obligation freak that I am, I’ve decided to post my ad before writing to the guy from the ad. A couple of days before the journey, I contacted him. Also, unexpectedly, another guy contacted me through my ad and said the two of them decided to climb together during that period in Rodellar and that they would like me to join.

Rodellar is about 270km from Barcelona. It was tricky to get there because I had to take a bus to Barbastro (50km from Rodellar), and no buses were driving farther. Rent-a-car is not expensive in Spain, but renting a car for two weeks to drive 50km seemed unreasonable. I’ve decided to wing it.

My plane ticket was ready. I was wondering how this adventure will play out. I was so excited. Meeting unknown people to climb together was so out of my comfort zone. But I’ve been longing for this journey for a very long time. Standing at Belgrade airport, I smoked my last cigarette. I will never smoke again. This journey healed me in so many ways. Sitting on that plane, I had no idea what kind of liberation and change this journey will bring to my life.

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