Day at the crag: Chicken, paprika and rice

Chicken, paprika and rica are perfect climbing lunch combination.

Full of proteins, nutrients, and the best carbs you can get while climbing, this lunch will make you climb harder and avoid that sugar drop we all try to avoid that makes us sleepy in the afternoon in the middle of climbing our project.

It is not keto, or vegan, or anything fancy-schmancy. It is something my grandma would prepare on busy days. It’s easy to make, and it does not contain a single piece of food that is not healthy. Okay, these days, we can question the healthiness of chicken breasts, but that is another blog topic.


Without farther due, let us begin. Cut chicken breasts into little pieces. Put them on the pan with just a little bit of oil. I use cold-pressed sunflower oil, but it is not necessary. When it is at hand, I use some other oil, for example, olive, canola, or soybean. It is best if it is a quality, non-industrial oil. Put little pieces of chicken breasts in the oiled pan, and let it fry. Add salt at the beginning. The rest of the spices will come in the end.

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Start cooking rice in boiling water. Leave it on the side until we prepare everything else. Cut one onion and two paprikas into little pieces. Add these pieces into the hot pan, and roast until everything is very well cooked. The secret to this order of preparing is this: chicken will fry a little bit, but as soon as it starts drying, we will add paprika and onion and renew the soft, roasted texture of the dish. This little trick will make it perfect. While the magic is happening, add a few chives, basil, and pepper. A mixture of chives and pepper will create a nice spicy kick. When everything is done (this dish will not have to cook for too long, because chicken breasts are quickly done), mix it up with rice you hopefully took of the stove on time, and it is ready to eat.


  • 200g of chicken breasts
  • 1 onion
  • 2 paprikas
  • some chives, basil, and pepper
  • 1 portion of rice

This simple dish will taste great while hot, but I like it even better when it is cold. Let it cool down a bit while you prepare water, some healthy snacks, and climbing equipment. Place this delicious meal in a traveling lunch bowl, and you are good to go. Have fun climbing!

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