Daredevils business: Climbing travel tips and tricks

Climbing is an adventure, and a big part of it is traveling. Here are some tips to make your trips safe and fun.


Before we jump to packing, the first thing we need to decide is the destination. Yosemite is excellent, but a lot of us will want to try new, unexplored places, or someplace exotic, like Thailand! It can get crowded in Thailand for the last couple of years, and it is always fun to chose something even more unusual, like Mongolia or Bosnia. Doing this research can be a lot of fun – enjoy it!

Choose your company carefully

The company is the most important, and the best advice would be to go with someone that makes you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you risk having unpredictable problems. A lot of climbers travel solo, and these are some of the most interesting individuals you can meet; maybe you want to join them in their individualistic lifestyle. Whether you travel with someone you know for years or someone you met in the local coffee place or online, make sure they know what they are doing regarding gear and safety. There are not any guarantees, and we all make mistakes, but make sure you always climb with someone trustworthy.

How to get there

Where you plan to go will determine how will you get there. There are a lot of ways to get you to the desired location, depending on your budget and preferences. You can take a car, a plane, a bus, or just hitchhike. Some of us choose campers, and that is great. It solves a lot of problems, like where to stay and how to pack your gear. Still, make sure your destination has a place to park a camper. You can decide to go to a hitchhiking adventure, and this will be exciting, just make sure your gear is not too heavy, and it will probably have to go to a single backpack which is not an easy task.

When you get there

Climb, rest, do yoga, and send some awesome pictures into the world!

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